She-Wolves Moto Collective

Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it.

Wolfsmiths Heights is home to Houston's She-Wolves Moto Collective, Houston's all-female motorcycle club. 

She-Wolves Moto Collective is a group of women from all backgrounds with a common interest - driving motorcycles. Not riding them. All shapes and sizes (of women and bikes) are welcome to join. 

Want to join? Visit us during Wolfsmiths Heights Moto Night. Simply show up between 6pm-8pm and ask for Des. She can answer any questions you may have and introduce you to some of our lady members. 

Not ready to join? Want to meet us first or possibly you may have never driven a bike? Hell, maybe you've never rode on a bike but have always wanted to! Come find Des at Wolfsmiths Heights Moto Night.


-Must have two wheels. 

-Attend at least one ride a month. 


Due to Covid-19, our motorcycle classes have been suspended. However, if you have your own bike we are happy to help and get you comfortable on your new ride! 

Have questions? Feel free to email with inquiries.